This site has been designed by the Board of Directors to communicate with the community. Using the tabs at the top of this page, you can find information: 

  1. To contact Board Members, Chief, Attorney, CPA

  2. Notices

  3. Tax information (see Transparency page)

  4. Annual calendar

  5. Access information for the budget on file with the Secretary of State, Pueblo County Commissioners, and the Chief of PRFPD.

Information is periodically updated and on file with:

 Division of Local Governments
 1313 Sherman Street, Suite 521
 Denver, CO 80203
 FAX 1-303-866-4819 or 1-(303) 866-2156 


 Use Links:  (under DEPARTMENT SERVICES select Local Governments, then the List of Agencies, select “P”)

(Last updated: June 2016)


Pueblo Rural Fire Protection District
29912 Hwy 50 East
Pueblo, CO 81006
(719) 948-4646